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Working along public sector clients and supporting innovative interventions encouraging private sector financing and partnerships for meeting public health priorities such as UHC, fiscal sustainability and affordability is a unique value proposition of CHS service offering.  Through its senior and experienced partners, CHS provides individualized expert advisory services to several regional health and pharma agencies that are driving significant change in the financing, development and implementation of private health sector engagement and innovative service delivery models across Africa and that are aligned to CHS vision and mission in a quest for more equitable, affordable access to essential health care products and services in Africa. 

Some of the key clients we work with include the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Africa CDC, Results for Development (R4D), Chemonics International, Intrahealth, WHO, and the Global Financial Facility among others. 

Select Project Profiles

  • Feasibility and Operationalization of AfCFTA-anchored Pharma initiative (10 East Africa and IGAD countries): Initiated through the UNECA and the AU, CHS currently supports an initiative to establish a pooled procurement mechanism for key essential health commodities and medicines across East Africa but to be scaled to West Africa. This initiative requires significant financing partnership to support the establishment of the data infrastructure but also support capacity building and improve access to finance of private Pharma sector players across these countries (See case study for more details)
  • Innovative financing model (Region-wide): Since 2021, CHS senior partner is a retained technical advisor to the offices of Dr. Donald Kaberuka and the Africa CDC for a Mastercard Foundation funded project with an objective to encourage private sector in health partnerships as a means to facilitate and accelerate the operationalization and implementation of a Financing Facility/Trust for sustainable financing of the agency. 
  • Hospital PPP model in Senegal: In collaboration with its strategic partner Anadach Group, CHS implements a USTDA-funded project for the MOH to assess a country-wide feasibility of a Public Private Partnership model with an aim to increase access to health services in the country.
  • Market Shaping in Kenya: CHS is contracted through a BMGF-funded project and in collaboration with Africa Resource Center (ARC) in supporting a joint procurement/Pooled procurement framework for the Kenya MOH (to then be scaled regionally) with an aim to increase participation of the private sector, namely the local manufacturing actors.
  • Private Sector Contracting in Cote D’Ivoire: Provide private sector engagement in health Technical Assistance to the MoH in Cote D’Ivoire focused on private sector assessments, establishment of a national mapping of private health facilities, development and implementation of a e-licensing platform as well as policy documents and private sector in health strategy development as part of the GFF and WBG country support programs.

Case Study: Advancing AfCFTA-anchored Pharma Initiative


The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) spearheaded, in November 2019, the development of a pioneering Pharmaceutical Project focused on maternal and childcare drugs and products across 10 select African countries with an aim to help operationalize the Africa Continental Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and the African Medicines Agency (AMA) as key levers for encouraging private sector actors in supply chain in Africa and reduce current dependency on pharma product imports across Africa. 

CHS Role

Select Senior partners and managers of CHS, depending on required expertise, are retained since inception and played a pivotal role not only in assessing the initiative’s feasibility within the pilot countries but also in crafting an implementation framework with a data analytics platform development for key data sharing across countries. A series of stakeholder meetings and country missions facilitated by CHS delved into potential barriers and risks that could impede the initiative’s realization. The support continues with CHS on technical advisory board in supporting strategic partnerships and resource mobilization efforts to ensure sustainable financing and the effective operationalization of the initiative throughout the continent.


This initiative has catalyzed significant interest among other Ministries of Health in Africa as well as Development Partners. Several Ministries of Health have spearheaded catalytic efforts to foster the development and execution of pooled procurement interventions, amplifying market access to high-quality, affordable, country-prioritized products. Countries have recognized the imperative to align with several other regional initiatives while harmonizing, wherever possible, the integration of private sector players and local manufacturing capacities.