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Leading Healthcare Advisory for Africa

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Transforming Healthcare Systems in Emerging African Markets

Established in 2016, CHS Advisory offers trusted, innovative healthcare strategy and advisory services to clients and partners in public and private sectors, focusing on healthcare system transformation in emerging African markets.

Based in Dubai, UAE, and with a strong presence in Ethiopia and Kenya, we possess in-depth market knowledge across Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and Djibouti. With a proven track record of over 50 successful healthcare assignments in Africa, we excel in market entry strategies, investment due diligence, capacity building, and access solutions.

Our team of senior experts collaborates with specialists and firms in finance, technology, hospital operations, pharma supply, and health policy to provide real solutions for Africa’s healthcare needs.


At CHS, we are known for getting things done. Our approach is friendly and practical, focused on creating lasting positive change.

Strategy and Planning

We provide business and feasibility evaluations, market go-to strategies, strategy development and business planning for new and existing healthcare businesses. We develop tailored strategies that align with market, industry, and regulatory requirements.

Operations and Implementation

Our project management services optimize organizational governance and healthcare operations. We also assist in capacity enhancement through the establishment of financing systems for governments, private sector institutions (including multinationals), and non-profit organizations.

Pharmaceutical and Supply Chain

We offer strategic support to business entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical sector. Additionally, we specialize in digital health solutions for improving supply chain efficiencies and enhancing human capabilities in the healthcare industry, particularly in Africa.

Digital Health

We understand the evolving healthcare delivery landscape and the crucial role of digital technologies. We work closely with our clients to identify opportunities for digital transformation, enabling them to leverage technology to enhance efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and drive growth.

We provide due diligence evaluations and advisory services for healthcare investments. This includes financial analysis for major health philanthropies, private equity firms, and business entrepreneurs looking to grow their healthcare portfolios. We also develop innovative funding mechanisms, impact investment strategies, and alternative models to drive sustainable financing on the continent.

We work closely with governments, nonprofits, private sector organizations, impact investors, and philanthropists to forge meaningful collaborations that drive sustainable change. With our expertise in resource mobilization, we support startups, corporates, and nonprofits to secure and deploy the necessary resources and forge strategic alliances that fuel their growth and impact.

Geographical Reach

Donors. Foundations. Think Tanks. NGOs. Private Sector. Governments. Agencies.

We have executed regional, country, and institution-level engagements across Africa, Middle East, and globally including Asia and North America.

Our Team, Advisors & Partners

Our team is a group of senior experts who collaborate with other proven specialists and firms in finance, technology, hospital operations, pharma manufacturing and supply, and health policy and workforce development to deliver real solutions for Africa’s unique healthcare needs.

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